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The table of contents is a non-comprehensive list of articles the editors of WikiAnesthesia feel should exist and will continuously evolve as the site grows from contributions from the anesthesia community.

Links which are blue already exist on the wiki (but would surely benefit from additions and revisions). Links which are red do not currently exist as articles on the site. Articles may exist in more than one location in the table of contents.

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If you add a new article which is not currently listed but has a natural place in the table of contents, please edit this list to include it. We kindly ask that you do not make major changes to the table of contents before running it by an editor first.

Airway management

Airway equipment

Airway procedures

Anatomy and physiology


Acid-base disorders

Autoimmune disorders

Cardiovascular disorders

Cerebrovascular disorders

Electrolyte disorders

Endocrine disorders

Gastrointestinal disorders

Genetic disorders

Head and neck disorders

Hematologic disorders

Mediastinal disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders

Neurologic disorders

Obstetric complications

Psychiatric disorders

Pulmonary disorders

Renal disorders

Intraoperative emergencies

Intraoperative monitoring

Neuraxial and regional anesthesia

Neuraxial anesthesia

Regional anesthesia

Head and neck nerve blocks

Upper extremity nerve blocks

Thoracic and abdominal wall blocks

Lower extremity nerve blocks

Perioperative management




Drug reference

Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors

Adrenergic receptor modulators

Redirects: Alpha agonists, Alpha antagonists, Beta agonists











Redirects: Negative chronotropes, Positive chronotropes

General anesthetics

Imaging dyes



Redirects: Negative inotropes, Positive inotropes

Intravenous fluids

Local anesthetics

Local anesthetic adjuvants

Neuromuscular blockers

Neuromuscular blocker reversal agents


Sedative hypnotics





Other drugs

Procedures in anesthesia

Subspecialties in anesthesia

Surgical procedures

Cardiac surgery

General surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Redirects: OMFS


Obstetric and gynecologic surgery

Redirects: OB/GYN

Ophthalmic surgery

Redirects: Ophthomology

Orthopedic surgery


Redirects: ENT, Otorhinolaryngology

Pediatric surgery

Plastic surgery

Thoracic surgery

Vascular surgery

Urologic surgery

Out-of-operating room procedures