WikiAnesthesia is a not-for-profit organization whose educational mission is to provide the global anesthesia community with a free, open-access, crowd-sourced repository of anesthesia knowledge.

What is WikiAnesthesia?

WikiAnesthesia is a collaboratively-developed anesthesia knowledge base that is freely accessible to users across the globe. Content is provided by anesthesia providers and covers a wide range of topics in the field of anesthesiology. The rapidly growing and evolving nature of our field demands a more dynamic medium than what traditional educational resources can provide. WikiAnesthesia is intended to provide quick and convenient access to knowledge from virtually any web-enabled device.

Who can contribute to WikiAnesthesia?

Anyone can contribute to WikiAnesthesia. Our philosophy is that community building is most successful when barriers to contribution are reduced. Contributors are required to use their real name and validate their email address, but clinical credentials are not otherwise verified. When a user first joins the community, their first few contributions are provisional (i.e. not made public) until approved by a member of the WikiAnesthesia editorial board. After a user's first few provisional contributions are approved, future contributions are made public immediately. Similar to Wikipedia and other wikis, WikiAnesthesia trusts that the community will self-regulate and become increasingly proficient at quality control.

Why should I contribute?

Becoming a contributor allows you to share your experience and knowledge with an international community of professional colleagues. Your contributions are what allow this community to grow and flourish. The field of anesthesiology is ever-changing, and our hope is that other people will be interested in contributing to make WikiAnesthesia an increasingly more useful resource.

How do I contribute?

Just register, author and post! It’s as simple as that. However, don’t forget that the philosophy of wikis is that content is constantly evolving and will be updated over time by the WikiAnesthesia community.