A laryngeal mask airway is a supraglottic airway device which allows for controlled ventilation and delivery of anesthetic gases without requiring laryngoscopy or instrumentation of the trachea. It is considered to be a less secure airway device than an endotracheal tube.

LMA® Supreme™ Airway is advertised to increase efficacy and safety versus first-generation devices including decreased aspiration risk.

Features include:

  • Elongated cuff to help with smooth insertion
  • Distal tip with laryngeal and esophageal seals
  • Integrated bite block
  • Tab to help with securing device

Sizing chart:

LMA Size Weight (KG)
1 <5
1.5 5-10
2 10-20
2.5 20-30
3 30-50
4 50-70
5 70-100