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What is WikiAnesthesia?

WikiAnesthesia is a collaboratively-developed anesthesia knowledge base that is supported by a global community of authors. Content is provided by anesthesia providers and covers a wide range of topics in the field of anesthesiology. The mission of this non-profit initiative is to make anesthesia knowledge free and rapidly accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Editing WikiAnesthesia

Who can author content?

Anyone can author content on WikiAnesthesia. When a user first joins the community, their first edits are not made public until approved by a member of the WikiAnesthesia editorial board. After a user's first few provisional contributions have been reviewed and approved, users are promoted to authors and future contributions are published immediately. Similar to Wikipedia and other wikis, WikiAnesthesia relies on a community of dedicated editors to ensure quality control.

Why should I author content?

Authoring content allows you to share your experience and knowledge with an international community of professional colleagues. Content you create supports the free and open exchange of knowledge, improves patient care worldwide, and reduces barriers to learning.

How do I author content?

Just register, author and post! It’s as simple as that. However, don’t forget that the philosophy of wikis is that content is constantly evolving and will be updated over time by the WikiAnesthesia community.

How to get involved?