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WikiAnesthesia is a not-for-profit organization whose educational mission is to provide the global anesthesia community with a free, open-access, crowd-sourced repository of anesthesia knowledge.

Leadership team

Chris Rishel.jpg
Chris Rishel, MD, PhD
Founder, Editor-in-chief, CTO
Barrett Larson Profile Picture.png
Barrett Larson, MD
Founder, CEO


Olivia Sutton, MD
Director of marketing
Profile placeholder.png
Ed Nguyen, MD
Director of research
Tony Wang headshot SQUARE.jpg
Tony Wang, MD
Director of residency engagement

Editorial board


Section editors

Community editors

Users who contribute significant content to WikiAnesthesia are automatically promoted to community editor roles based upon their authorship score. Community editors have additional editing privileges beyond regular authors including:

  • Moderating edits from new users
  • Promoting new users to author (i.e. unmoderated users)
  • Rating article quality
  • Deleting articles
  • Protecting articles

Senior editors

The criteria for promotion to senior editor will be announced at a later date.

Associate editors

Users are promoted to associate editor when their authorship score reaches 500.

Assistant editors

Users are promoted to assistant editor when their authorship score reaches 100.

Academic advisory board

  • Richard Jaffe