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Founder, CEO, Assistant editor – WikiAnesthesia
Assistant Professor – Stanford University
Clinical role Attending physician
Practice type Academic
Authorship score 126
Total edits 148
Articles edited 35
Articles created 16
Total characters added 99,648
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Practice groups
  • Stanford University (Administrator)

Barrett Larson is a physician, researcher, and educator who is passionate about developing new technologies to improve patient care. Barrett did both medical school and residency training in anesthesiology at Stanford, where he is now a Clinical Assistant Professor. Beyond clinical practice, he leverages his medical training to help facilitate the development of innovative medical technologies. Barrett was the Co-Founder and CEO of Leaf Healthcare, which developed a wireless patient monitoring system designed to improve the activity and mobility of hospitalized patients. Leaf Healthcare was acquired by Smith+Nephew, where Barrett now serves as the Vice President of Clinical Education. Outside of industry work, Barrett partnered with Chris Rishel to develop WikiAnesthesia. Leveraging his background in clinical medicine, academics, and industry, Barrett helps lead the WikiAnesthesia team on its mission to bring the anesthesia community closer together by empowering providers around the world to learn, discover, and openly share knowledge.