Anatomy and physiology calculator

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The anatomy and physiology calculator calculates based upon patient demographic information provided in the fields above. Some calculations require additional patient data, for which fields are provided within the calculation. As with all clinical decision support tools, ultimately use clinical judgement when considering these results.
  • Some calculations may have important additional information which can be shown using the question mark icon
Contributing to this calculator

Use the discussion page to leave feedback about the calculator. To contribute more substantially, see the calculators guide to learn about the process to get developer access.

The anatomy and physiology calculator is powered by the patients, weightCalculations, and anatomyPhysiology modules.

Patient statistics

Body mass index (BMI)
Body surface area (BSA)
Ideal body weight (IBW)
Lean body weight (LBW)

Fluid management

Estimated blood volume (EBV)
Fluid maintenance rate
Intraoperative fluid dosing
Maximum allowable blood loss
Minimum urine output


Rate of oxygen consumption (VO2)
Cardiac output (Fick)
Cardiac index (CI)
Stroke volume (SV)


Brain mass
Cerebral blood volume
Cerebral metabolic rate (O2)
Cerebral metabolic rate (Glucose)
Cerebral blood flow


PaO2 (predicted)
A-a O2 gradient
A-a O2 gradient (predicted)
Weight-based tidal volume